Driving to Cherry Grove is easy! Coming in via Highway 9 is the most common way to come straight in, but depending on where you’re staying, you may have a different place you drive in from.

Sea Mountain Highway

If you’re coming from Highway 9 or the Loris area, then you’ll likely come in on Sea Mountain Highway. Traveling directly into the beach, you’ll be able to get right to the beach. In fact, as you come from Sea Mountain Highway, the last stop light houses a popular beach access parking lot.

Highway 31

If you instead travel from Highway 31, you’ll still have an easy way to get into Cherry Grove Beach. Exiting Highway 31 and getting on either 17 or Main Street will only leave you a few minutes away from your destination. When getting onto the Main Street connector, I feel it’s a bit quicker to get on to Main Street and then turning left at the light, heading north.

Ocean Boulevard

Now you know that you’re close! Ocean Boulevard is the road running alongside the oceanfront. It’s where about 80% of the rental properties, resorts and hotels are on either the oceanside or second row. This is where you’ll have to go pretty slow as the speed limit is only 25 or 35 MPH. From here, you’ll really enjoy the experience of North Myrtle Beach and Cherry Grove Beach.

Any other questions? Check out Google Maps and you’ll be able to navigate to your resort in Cherry Grove no problem.

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