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A Brief History Of The Pier

The Cherry Grove Pier was designed and built in the 1950s as a way to attract more visitors to the beautiful Cherry Grove Beach area. It was initially a wooden structure that had a 985 feet extension into the Atlantic Ocean and a popular destination for residents as well as visitors. This is because of its unparalleled scenic beauty and exemplary fishing just off the pier. In 1964, a world record Tiger Shark was caught by Walter Maxwell weighing in at a whopping 1780 pounds.

The Prince Family has owned the pier and the land since 1965 by buying the pier and beach-side land in front of the pier. This was after the family built the famous Holiday House Motel on the property that was adjacent to the pier back in the year 1963. In 1968, the City of North Myrtle Beach was formed by the merger of Cherry Grove Beach, Ocean Drive Beach, Windy Hill Beach and Crescent Beach.

It was repeatedly weathered by hurricanes (notably hurricane Hugo in 1989) to a desolate state but was completely remodeled to its present form in the 1970’s and even a restaurant added and the tackle shop extended in the year 1999. This was after hurricane Floyd destroyed Cherry Grove Pier by violently snapping off its observation deck only to deposit it a thousand yards down the beach in the month of September in the year 1999. In the year 2001, renovation of the tackle shop took place as well as the widening of the pier in a bid to accommodate the ever increasing growing number of tourists. The swelling tourist numbers is attributed to the Cherry Grove Pier being a favorite family sightseeing and fishing destination on the entire coast of South Carolina.

The Prince Resort At The Pier

The Prince Resort overlooks the Atlantic Ocean at the location where the shoreline of Myrtle Beach and the Cherry Grove Pier meet. It is characterized by magnificent views and a refreshing salt air. It is equipped with condominium accommodations that have a contemporary feel to them. These accommodations have private balconies and luxurious amenities. There is finger-licking dining cuisine that is conveniently served at the beach front at The Ocean Grill.

The Prince Resort has a beautiful rooftop pool for lounging and tranquil marshlands within view that are ready for exploration. It is simply the quieter side of North Myrtle Beach resorts that is ideal for golf vacation, romantic escape or a family adventure.

Fishing from the Pier

The Cherry Grove Fishing Pier offers a comprehensive fishing experience. It offers fishermen & fisherwomen an array of reels and fishing rods from renowned manufacturers such as Diawia, Shakespeare and Sea Striker, Calcutta apparel, Sea Striker Rigs and live baits you’ll need to catch fish just off the pier.

It is highly recommended that fishermen cast their baits in the water and consequently let them drift with the tide when fishing at the Pier. Alternatively, they should strive to fish at the bottom. The marine life that is attached to the pilings at the Pier create an excellent fishing ground. This is because fish will gather around the pilings to feed on the marine life. Commonly caught fish include Flounder, King Mackerel, Red Drum, Black Drum, Sea Bass, Bluefish, Pompano (summer only). Spotted Trout, Sheepshead, Whiting and Blue Crabs.

The attendants at the tackle shop are available to offer fishing tips to visitors especially the manner the fish are biting as well as the ideal bait to utilize. As the bite may change from day-to-day, it is best to ask or call the tackle shop before going out for the day on the best baits to use.

The bait shop at the Pier’s location offers rod sales and rentals as well as good bait and tackle for particular fish. It also has soft drinks, ice-cold beer, T-shirts, souvenirs, beach accessories and even sunglasses on offer. Anything you’d need, you can find at the bait shop. Nature-theme and sea life merchandise is their forte. This is not to forget nautical items and stuffed sea creatures.

Cherry Grove Fishing Pier FAQs


Below are a number of frequently asked questions that interested guests usually have about the beautiful Cherry Grove Pier and the correct responses to them from the management.

Is a saltwater fishing license required so as to fish from the Cherry Grove Pier?

The establishment takes full responsibility for paying all the County and State permits as well as fees that allow visitors to freely fish from the pier. This means that visitors should not under any circumstance purchase a fishing license if they intend to fish at the Pier as it is catered for in the paid admission.

What is the cost of fishing at the Pier?

If a visitor has his own fishing rod, the fishing pass for a single day would cost him/her $2.00 for admission and $7.00 for each rod. The rental rates for rods are $22.00 for a full day and $13.00 for half a day but only after 3 PM. However, the full day rental requires a $30.00 deposit. Crab nets can each be purchased at $6.00. King Mackerel passes are rented out at $16.00 per day and this includes a personal proper set up. A walk-only pass is charged at $2.00. It is important to note that all persons at the Pier are required to always have an arm band on them.

What is the ideal bait to carry along?

The typical baits that are carried comprise of Chicken necks that are used to catch crabs, squid, artificial bloodworms, live bloodworms, shrimp and mullet i.e. cut and fingers. These baits have repeatedly proved to be successful at the Pier.

What time is the fishing season?

The Cherry Grove Pier has a fishing season that extends from the 1st of February and continues all the way to 1st December. This implies that the fishing season is almost always present throughout the year. During December and January you can surf fish from next to the pier without going on the pier.

What are the hours of operation?

During the Summer, we are open from Sunday to Thursday starting from 6 AM through to midnight. On both Saturday and Sunday, we operate between 6 AM through to 2 AM. However, these hours can be changed depending with the seasons. Clients can call 843-249-1625 for inquiries.

Where can one park?

The parking lot for the Pier is located to its north. Alternatively, parking is available at the public parking area i.e. both the 7th and 8th tower floors.

Can payment be made via credit cards?

Mastercard, American Express, Visa and Discover are accepted as methods of payment.

Can’t Wait To See You At The Pier!

Cherry Grove Pier in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is undoubtedly an excellent tourist destination with so much to offer. It has a rich history and continues to positively redefine the lives of both the residents of Cherry Grove Beach as well as visitors. There is no better place to enjoy salty breezes, sandy beaches and a world class fishing experience than at the Cherry Grove Pier. Make a visit today or ensure to visit it next time you are in North Myrtle Beach.

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