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If you love the North Myrtle Beach area but get tired of the crowds check out Cherry Grove Inlet in North Myrtle Beach. The inlet is just off Cherry Grove Beach, which is a more private area, with not as many people and quieter than most beach areas. It is on the north edge of North Myrtle Beach and just a couple miles from the North Carolina state line.

Other than the Inlet’s more secluded nature, you’ll find other top things to do around the Inlet that will have you wanting to visit again and again.

The Cherry Grove Inlet Is A Fishing Haven

There is a nice pier on Cherry Grove Beach and with the inland waters nearby, there is a lot of good fishing, shrimping and other fun water sports to enjoy. The pier itself is famous, especially with locals, and is a favorite spot for relaxing or fishing. The inlet contains many small canals, called finger canals, which allows just about every house or building to have access to the water. Fishing is available everywhere, not just on the pier. However, having water access so easily makes for great times kayaking and canoeing, which you may also fish from.

Kayak rentals are also available on the beach, and these are a great vehicle for exploring the canals and the inland waterways. You can get up close with wildlife of all kinds, and enjoy nature whether you are fishing or not. There are also guided tours available by kayak of the inland waters. Ocean kayaking is also possible here by traveling out of the inlet as well.

Less Crowded Beach = More Relaxing

The Cherry Grove Inlet is a more informal area with few restrictions, so stretch out and bring your dog without any concern. There are not as many people so you can do anything you like, or just sit on the beach. The Cherry Grove section is an older area that is idea for a family environment. There were families living here before North Myrtle Beach was was populated as it is today. It is a great place to bring the family and all the excitement and activity of Myrtle Beach is still just a short drive away.

You will find a few fancy beachfront hotels, but you will also find a lot of villas, condos and small houses available. You can rent a villa for a week with your family and it will feel like home because you are in a home as opposed to a hotel room. There are some resorts in the area, but there are a lot of rentals that are set up just like a home in Cherry Grove Beach. You can find villas with full kitchens, laundry rooms, living rooms, and even waterfront decks to make your vacation something really special.

This is a thin area of land, so you have the ocean to the east and the Intercoastal Waterway to the west. No matter where you stay you will have great views of the water, either the ocean or the inland waters, which makes for amazing sunrises and sunsets.

Golf Is Nearby

Golf is also very close, with at least three championship level courses within easy driving distance. On one course you can see the ocean as you play, and others are situated in marsh type areas with their own relaxing and beautiful scenery. The top three golf courses are Surf Club, Glen Dornoch and Heather Glen. The courses are interesting to see whether you play golf or not. As a side benefit, many people get around the area on their own golf carts, which are also available as rentals.

Dining & Shopping Around Cherry Grove Beach

From North Myrtle Beach traveling into North Carolina, you will find a plethora of restaurants. They are not as dense in the Cherry Grove area, but there are some older eateries that have a lot of character. The Duffy Street Seafood Shack has been around for years and is a favorite of locals for authentic fresh seafood.

There are also a lot of hamburger places, as well as barbecue restaurants. Most of these are locally owned and have been in the area a long time. Experience some real down home southern cooking in this area, while avoiding the national chains.

In Cherry Grove you will find a a few local stores as well. There are antique stores, gift shops and much more. The national name brand outlets and malls are in Myrtle Beach, but in Cherry Grove you will find unique items filled with local flavor.

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