Credit: fillg on YouTube
Credit: fillg on YouTube

Cherry Grove is known for its small geographic coverage in North Myrtle Beach. And, if you spend some time in the area, you’ll hear local referring to different places in North Myrtle Beach like Crescent Beach, Ocean Drive and Windy Hill. As if the fact that there is a separate North Myrtle Beach versus Myrtle Beach city wasn’t confusing enough!

Below are the commonly named areas of North Myrtle Beach, starting at the north end with Cherry Grove and running down to the city lines between North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach. We hope this helps you understand what people are talking about when they talk about other areas.

Cherry Grove Beach

Of course, Cherry Grove is the northern most end of North Myrtle Beach and what we focus on the most. It’s one of the older beaches in the area, becoming commercialized in the later 1950’s.

Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive typically refers to the area along the Main Street area of North Myrtle Beach up to around 30th Avenue North. This area is home to more of the resorts, hotels and other larger buildings along Ocean Boulevard (which runs along the ocean from the end of Cherry Grove to Surfside Beach). Ocean Drive is famous for hosting shagging dancing events and also for the beach clubs, music and bars.

Crescent Beach

Going further down the beach, Crescent Beach is next up. Crescent Beach does not have as many businesses as Ocean Drive and instead relies on other beach resorts, hotels and homes to fill up it’s geography. If you are looking to have the option of quickly getting to the lights and action of Myrtle Beach, staying in Crescent Beach is a good option.

Windy Hill

The southernmost point of North Myrtle Beach before Atlantic Beach begins, Windy Hill is home to several popular attractions. Just one mile away is Barefoot Landing, one of the most popular shopping centers along the whole Grand Strand. Windy Hill is also home to the closest thing we have to a zoo in North Myrtle Beach, Alligator Adventure. This attraction can be busy in the summer, but it’s a cool experience that’s kid-friendly to boot.

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